Anti-spam notice

You might be here because you have received unsolicited e-mail (spam) apparently originating from this domain. Lately e-mail is being sent with sender addresses from this domain.

We did not send these e-mails. E-mail addresses can be easily forged, and obviously some spamming party uses our domain as sender address.

Also, e-mail is being sent to random addresses at this domain, using a forged sender address (maybe your e-mail address). As the recipient usually doesn't exist here, the e-mail server rejects them, resulting in a bounce delivered to your e-mail inbox (the apparent (forged) sender).

Unfortunately, we (almost) can't do anything about it. It's just the way the e-mail system works. When we trace down the sending computers, they are mostly unsuspecting users' computers, probably infected by some malware that allows the spammers to control it remotely, and use it to send spam.

When we track down the responsible party, we shall prosecute to the maximum extent of applicable law.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.